Activities to the exhibition Kimsooja — Thread Roots

2 March until 21 July 2024

Free tours

2 March till 16 June, every Saturday at 14:00 and 14:30

23 June till 21 July, every Sunday at 14:00 and 14:30

Want to learn more about Kimsooja's exhibition? In a short free entry tour each weekend, you'll learn more about her work and important themes in her art. You'll also learn more about her connection to the Leiden cloth industry.

Photo: Joep Jacobs

Workshop Make your own bottari at the Open Studio

Every Sunday between 3 March and 21 July

Bottaris are garishly colored cloths knotted together and contain travelers' personal belongings and clothing. In Korea, they have been used for centuries. They are also recognizable objects from the work of visual artist Kimsooja. It looks a bit like the Dutch knapsack, the square piece of cloth you tie to a stick like a pouch full of personal items.

In the studio, you will make your personal little bottari with fabric, paint and gelli-plates. You can visit the Open Studio every Sunday between 13:00 and 16:00.

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Sunday Lecture

19 May, 9 June and 21 July from 9:00 till 10:30

This activity is in Dutch

Get in touch with yourself before opening time during this mindfulness session with the help of art. You will take a special journey through the exhibition Kimsooja - Thread Roots, her installation Meta Painting (2020) and your inner world. Led by mindfulness trainer Jolien Posthumus, you will learn to look at art in a different way.

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Photo: Bram Vreugdenhil


during the exhibition, final presentation from 12 July untill 14 July

Fifteen women from Leiden with roots outside of The Netherlands are going to further develop their textile work under the guidance of a professional artist. Afterwards, they will have a presentation in Museum De Lakenhal. As part of the exhibition on Kimsooja, we are organizing the project Draden. Artist Ramia Suleiman guides the women in developing their artistic work. A second part of the project are workshops in which the participating women share their knowledge and skills with other interested parties.

The dates of the workshops will be announced soon. The final presentation of Threads will be on display at the museum from July 12 till 14.

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What are you taking with you?

Project with students from Da Vinci College

During the exhibition, fifteen students from the International Switching Class of Da Vinci College Leiden participate in the project "What do you take with you?" in collaboration with the Photo Projects for Children Foundation. Inspired by the bottari presented by Kimsooja as a collection of memories, the students set to work photographing. These students have only lived in the Netherlands for a short time: what memories do they take with them in their proverbial bottari?

They visit the exhibition Kimsooja - Thread Roots and attend several workshops by artists to answer this question.

Photo: Joep Jacobs