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The Lucas van Leyden Patronage is active since March 2011. The Patronage is a foundation with its own board.

The board consists of:

  • Elco Brinkman, Chairman
  • Sylvia den Engelsen, secretary
  • Haro Schultz van Haegen, treasurer
  • Wim de Leeuw
  • Caesar Sterk


Members of the Lucas van Leyden Patronage are individuals and representatives from the worlds of business, science, healthcare and legal profession. The members are from Leiden and its surroundings and share a passion for art, culture and history.


Charlotte Icke–Lemmens, Wim de Leeuw (board member) and Marisa Zwartjes


Elco Brinkman (board chairman), Sylvia den Engelsen (board secretary), Haro Schultz van Haegen (board treasurer), Caesar Sterk (board member), (board member), Mr M. Aukema, Mr A. Bel and Mrs S.J. Bel-van Liere, Mr H. Bentveld, Buik & Van der Horst Gerechtsdeurwaarders, Juul Covers en Ellen Simons, Henk van Dalen en Carla van Dis, De Clercq Advocaten Notariaat, Mr W.K. van Duren, Mr Ph. P. Everts and Mrs A.W. Everts-Kuik, Ms H.C. Gall, Alexander Geertsema, Mr and Mrs F.C.A. van Haasteren, Hans Härtel, Mr M.P.J. van Hoeken, Mr J.P.R.G. Kleijne, Ms J. Klinkenberg, Mr Knappers and Mrs Heynders, Laaken Asset Management, Ms I.W.L. Moerman, Rabobank Leiden - Katwijk, Frits Rijksen en Henny Buschman, Menno en Miep Smitsloo, Mrs C.J.M. Sterk-Berkvens, Studio America BV - Anita en André America-Mantel, TeekensKarstens advocaten notarissen, Marijke van der Wal and Elisabeth Koning, Ab van der Wiel (De Meelfabriek), Mrs. Wurfbain-Sanders, Claudia en Cees de Zeeuw.

Patrons and board of the Lucas van Leyden Patronage, curators and management Museum De Lakenhal and management Rijksmuseum Amsterdam | Photo: Jan-Kees Steenman


Chairman Lucas van Leyden Patronage

Elco Brinkman
Elco Brinkman Former chairman Bouwend Nederland, Party Chairman CDA in Senate

The nature which brings you to life and keeps you alive.
The city you live in as a particle of a long history.
The place where you live that image.
Where you can linger on between yesterday and tomorrow.
That is where Floris Verster's greenish yellow leaves hang in Museum De Lakenhal.
An almost abstract ordering of spaces with a plain glass. And still, a clear message of longing to a city to rebuild.
A green city which combines issues of beauty, quality, connectedness, familiarity outside the museum walls as well.
That is why Museum De Lakenhal deserves more and improved space.
I support that initiative. I hope you do too.
The municipality makes a great effort, but we cannot let that stand alone.
After all, it is about Leiden, our city!
Let's not wait until 2017 to support.
That dreamy, contagious Floris Verster cannot and may not be sold to secure the reopening...


Board secretary Lucas van Leyden Mecenaat

Sylvia den Engelsen
Sylvia den Engelsen Board Member Lucas van Leyden Mecenaat

Sylvia den Engelsen herself has been living in Leiden for over 30 years, now with her husband and daughter. She is addicted to the city and its history. Her research and advice agency for very experienced legal experts is located in Amsterdam, but when the weather is good, she rather works from her auxiliary at the Rapenburg, the doors wide open. She is a board member of the Lucas van Leyden Patronage since 2010, which enables her to combine art, history, her city and a group of its most pleasurable inhabitants.

  1. What is your favourite artwork of space in Museum De Lakenhal?
    I cannot escape the thought of 'The Last Judgment' by Lucas van Leyden. The very first time I saw this Masterpiece years ago I was sold. The feeling of love at first sight never left.
  2. Why do you support the museum as a patron?
    Simply because the museum deserves support, I enjoy coming there and because I'm in the position to do so. And because of the inspiring and fun members of the Patronage, connected in their love for the museum, the arts and the need to enjoy a special evening together a few times a year.
  3. In 2019, the restorated museum will reopen. What do you look forward to most?
    Having 'The Last Judgment' back at walking distance, the faces of the museum's employees en - secretly - the enormous party with all of my comrades of the Patronage.


Syndics Lucas van Leyden Patronage

Wim de Leeuw and Marisa Zwartjes found their home base in Leiden and live along one of its most beautiful canals. Wim studied business law in Leiden, his company De Leeuw Group is active in the Leiden region since 1981. De Leeuw Group is regional market leader in real estate and (independant) advice on mortgages, insurance and pensions (for the private sector and SMEs).
Marisa works as a communication advisor for Rabobank Leiden - Katwijk. Wim is also the chairman for the Foundation of Friends of Issoria, board member at Topsport Leiden and both of them are enthusiastic visitors of the Business Club and tribune of ZZ Leiden.

Marisa Zwartjes and Wim de Leeuw
Marisa Zwartjes and Wim de Leeuw Members Lucas van Leyden Mecenaat
  1. What is your favorite artwork or space in Museum De Lakenhal?
    'De Groenmarkt met gezicht op de Stille Rijn in Leiden' by Hendrik van der Burgh. It is beautiful to see what Leiden looked like in 1660, viewed from the terrace of Annie's Verjaardag.

  2. Why do you support the museum as a Patron?
    If Leiden is a miniature version of Amsterdam, than Museum De Lakenhal is a smaller version of the Rijksmuseum. A museum where we as Leideners are very proud of. It is a pleasure to meet others in the circle of the Patrons who are, like us, willing and able to contribute to and share in the passion for this special place.

  3. In 2017, the museum reopens, fully restored. What do you look forward to most?
    I am looking most forward to the celebration. Knowing that the expansion of Museum De Lakenhal, under discussion ever since 1948, is finally realised. And that we have contributed to that in a small way.