June 24 - October 30 2022

Exhibition From Quayside to Selvedge

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In this pop-up exhibition at Museum De Lakenhal, you can follow the steps of the project From Quayside to Selvedge, in which this summer two artists and a group of Leiden citizens will make the traditional fabric saye. With a mobile studio they travel through the Singelpark in Leiden and follow the steps of an ancient process to make clothing fabrics.


Saye is a popular old clothing fabric that was made in Leiden. In the 17th century, this made Leiden the most important fabric city in Europe. In Museum De Lakenhal you can discover all about the history of saye.

history of cloth and saye

This project follows the steps of an ancient process to make fabrics. This ancient process can be seen in various works in the museum and, of course, in the building that was once used as a cloth hall for judging fabrics. See the history of leids cloth and boring on the second floor of the museum. Be guided by the L@kenhal-app that takes you along the steps and the works.

Making saye is not simple. Weavers, spinners, fullers, dyers - all worked together to make fabrics. Experience it for yourself soon in the Singelpark. Artists Nina Mathijsen and Sara Vrugt will be using these fabrics for three months to recreate clothing for From Quayside to Selvedge. They need your help to do so.

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