at the presentation Rembrandt's four senses

Rembrandt created the series Senses, his earliest known work, when he was around 18 years old and living in Leiden. In addition to the Spectacles Salesman (the Sight) from his own collection, the presentation includes three works from The Leiden Collection from New York: the Operation (the Feeling), the Three Singers (the Hearing) and the Fainting Patient (the Smell).

What characteristic styles of Rembrandt can already be found in these works? What relationships are there with works by Leiden contemporaries? And how inventive are these paintings? You'll hear all about it in a guided tour you can book with a group.

Practical information:

  • Duration: 60 minutes
  • Maximum group size: 15 persons
  • Price per group: €87,50 excl. museum entrance
  • Possible languages: Dutch, English, German or Dutch Sign Language